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Referrals and referring a friendUpdated 7 months ago

Good news! Now if you refer a friend they can get $10 off their first order, and you can get a $10 credit towards your next order! It's a win-win!

How it works:

  1. Click on the referral link to have the referral banner slide out
  2. Grab and share your code
  3. That's it! Your friend can sign up using your code and once they've placed an order, you'll get a $10 credit!
    • you'll also get a $2 credit every time your friend's subscription renews

A few notes:

  • you can login directly to your referral dashboard to get a complete overview of your referral account and credits (more info about the referral dashboard here)
  • you will receive an email every time you receive a referral credit
    • if you're a recurring subscriber, you can go into your customer portal and add the discount code to your next order
    • or you can also go directly into your referral dashboard and apply it to your next order with the click of a button
    • to use it on a 1-time purchase, copy it from the referral dashboard and enter it at checkout
    • please note: we only allow 1 discount code/order

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