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How do I swap my subscription?Updated 8 months ago

Step 1: Login to your Reel Account

  • enter your account email and you will be emailed a 4 digit code. If you've added your phone number to your account, you will also receive the 4 digit code via text message

Step 2: Under the upcoming order section, click on the Manage this subscription link/section

Step 3: On the subscription management page, click on the Swap this for a different product button

Step 4: Select the desired product by clicking on the Swap button below it

Step 5: The swap confirmation page will detail the product swap and allow you to edit the subscription order quantity as well as the delivery frequency

Click on the Swap product button to confirm the swap

  • to cancel the swap, just click on the Back button at the top left of the page

Step 6: A green confirmation notification will appear, and after a few moments the page will refresh to confirm your subscription has been swapped

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