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Information about our products & packaging - numbers of rolls, ply, etc.


About our 100% bamboo toilet paper

Our bamboo toilet paper is made from, well, 100% bamboo! Each roll of our 100% bamboo toilet paper comes with 300, 3-ply sheets for a nice mixture of softness and strength, and each box of toilet paper comes with 24 rolls. Our 100% bamboo toilet pape

About our 100% recycled paper towels

Our recycled paper towels are made from 100% recycled paper! Each roll of our 100% recycled paper towels come with 135, 2-ply sheets, and each box of paper towels come with 12 rolls. Each box of 100% recycled paper towels costs $39.99 for a recurring

Is your toilet paper septic safe?

Yes, our toilet paper is septic safe. While every septic system is different, we have customers on septic who love us and we concluded biodegradability testing in July 2019 of our 100% bamboo toilet paper and we're happy to say that we're certified “

About our packaging

We are completely plastic-free! Being plastic-free was one of the main goals we had when starting this business and through some creative packaging and great partners we were able to achieve it!. Our products contain cores (cardboard), come individua