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Account management via SMS/TextingUpdated 7 months ago

Great news! You're now able to make changes to your account and upcoming orders via your phone! Our automated system will text you upcoming renewal reminder notifications and allow you to modify your account or upcoming order with a few simple commands.

Account management number: 833-202-2131

You can do the following actions using your phone by texting INFO or MODIFY to 833-202-2131:

  • Add 1-time item
  • Swap product subscriptions
  • Delay or skip order
  • Update delivery frequency
  • Update box quantity
  • Track your package

How to Opt-in

You can easily opt-in here! If you provided your cell number when you created your subscription and consented to receiving SMS, then you're all set! 

How to Opt-out

You can unsubscribe from receiving SMS account management texts at any time by sending STOP.

Any subscriber can text START to begin receiving SMS texts again.

Please note: our account management phone number and our marketing phone number are different - if you unsubscribe from one channel you won't be unsubscribed from the other.

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