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Our Give Back Partner - SOIL

The world is experiencing an unprecedented sanitation crisis with more than half of the world’s population lacking access to a toilet that safely manages human waste.

We're so proud to be partnering with SOIL. SOIL is a non-profit research and development organization working in Haiti to design, test, and implement sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the sanitation crisis.

SOIL provides full-cycle sanitation services from containment to reuse by taking a circular economy approach. By providing toilets and removing waste from communities, SOIL is preventing the spread of waterborne disease, increasing families’ safety and security, and protecting vulnerable aquatic ecosystems. SOIL then safely treats the collected waste and transforms it into compost which is sold to support agriculture, reforestation, and climate change mitigation efforts in Haiti.

With our partnership with SOIL, we donate $0.50 of every box sold and also give back 100% of any direct donations through our marketing efforts on SOIL's behalf.

We urge you to learn more about SOIL and donate today!

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